195 West Statesville Ave
Mooresville, NC, 28115

Micah Jordan


Certified Yoga Instructor

I began practicing yoga at over 200lbs. I was uncomfortable in my own body and at a job that was depleting emotionally. I sought out a physical practice that didn't make me cringe as a way to lose weight. Growing up I was never athletic or really physical in any way, but the first time I took a yoga class in a studio space at Your Karma, I remember thinking "this is the way my body was always meant to move".

Yoga became my safe haven; the practice I came back to again and again when life was difficult or overwhelming. The more I practiced, the more layers of myself were revealed. A strength and a power began to unfold in me I never knew existed. The first layers were physical, but as my practice grew and developed, I discovered yoga was a powerful tool that helped me hone in on deeper layers. Yoga provided a space for me in which to do work, both externally and internally.

Yoga helped me identify the areas in my life that were barriers to me living fully. For so long I lived in the confines of other people's and my own expectations. Once I was able to discern what I truly wanted to give and receive during my limited time on this planet, my actions began to shift accordingly.

I was fortunate enough to be able to quit my job that was so draining and spend a year training under Jim Bennitt and James Tennant at Tejas Yoga in Chicago. Today my yoga practice has expanded out into all parts of my life.

No matter where you are in your life today, the practice will meet you there. My hope is to create a space in which you can feel safe to explore--explore the parts of your life that bring great joy as well as the parts that cause great pain so that you can begin to peel away all the layers that are unnecessary in order to live the most authentic life possible.