195 West Statesville Ave
Mooresville, NC, 28115

Candice Nantz


Massage Therapist

I graduated from The Edmund Morgan School of Neuromuscular and Massage Therapy in May of 2005. I got into massage a little over 7 years ago and have loved every minute of it. When I first went into massage school I looked at it as a way to set my own hours and help people. When I finished school I realized that this was the job I was meant to do. I believe that you have to have a gift for the job you do and I truly believe and know that I have a gift for massage.

I love that I can help people with anything from severe lower back pain, to stress relief, to an expectant mother find pain relief and/or just be able to relax at the end of their day. It's always a joy to me when a client tells me that after their last session they had the best sleep, they were pain free, able to move more freely, or interact with their family better. As long as I help my clients achieve their goal then I'm happy.