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Welcome to Your Karma

A Center dedicated to Yoga and Wellness

"Citta Vrtti Nirodah" Is to "Put your consciousness at Peace..."

"When you follow your bliss, you live your life in a constant space of joy. You open yourself to the abundance of the Universe. That's what I've done at Your Karma, so now I am sharing my excitement and my passion with others. We all need a refuge, a place to get away and to be still. I hope that Your Karma can be that place to renew your body, mind and spirit." ~ Shelly

Whats New?

  • 01Oct Your Karma at the Lake


    Grand Opening is Wednesday, October 1st

    We are adding a second location.... Coming this Fall to....

    438 Williamson Road
    Your Karma at the Lake- Individual Membership (introductory rate) 80.00 a month (this ends December 1st 2014)

    Karma Club Dual Memberships (for both locations, introductory rate is 100.00 and again this ends December 1st) 

    *** If you are already a member please remember that we have a different dual package for existing members and you can find that information on our community board outside the yoga room...